• AuthorPosted by: Aivazoglou & Mikropoulos
  • PublishedDate Published: January - 28 - 2013

Auto Accident


Auto Accident


Have you been injured in an automobile accident?

  • Are your monthly bills piling up?
  • Are you getting nowhere with the insurance company, and are they are refusing to pay your doctor and medical bills?
  • Or worse yet, the other driver doesn’t have auto insurance!

We can help!

Did you go back at work in the same job, making the same money as you were before your injury?

We can even help you get a copy of the accident report from the police for you to show to your supervisor to explain why you may have missed work.

Are you finding it hard to enjoy activities with your family as you did before your injury?

Do you have physical limitations caused by your injury?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to pay out-of-pocket expenses for your injury.

At the Aivazoglou & Mikropoulos  Law Firm, we will fight for you.

We know the law, and we have experience dealing with insurance companies, especially when they try to force you to sign a release of your rights. Don’t except a check BEFORE you consult with us, you may be giving away the full compensation and medical care you are entitled to.

Don’t wait another minute,


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